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Rookie mistake: I never asked myself 'Why?'

Rookie mistake: I never asked myself 'Why?'

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First and foremost, I can’t believe how long it has taken me to buy this particular domain considering it's been my Twitter handle for the past ten years. In fact, since 2010, I have been trying to establish myself as a blogger, but truth be told, when I started ‘blogging’ I was doing it for all the wrong reasons: publicity, venting, branding, and the biggest ‘wrong’ reason of all… because everyone else was doing it. Epic fail! The whole time I was blogging, I never actually asked myself ‘why’. Why start a blog? What is its purpose? I was writing all these posts for hours on end, and I was struggling too, since my writing skills were well below average! In a nutshell, I didn’t commit to my blog and it was for those reasons it died a sad and painful death! Adios my friend… it was fun while it lasted!

2017 crept up on us quickly, didn't it! The year of drones, insta-stories and turmeric lattes. Amid all this chaos, I find myself at the heart of where I always wanted to be in my career (and by the way, I truly consider myself lucky to even be close to anything like this). I’m dealing with the biggest buzzword out there in the agile industry: transformation. 

Now, for any coach who’s going through this journey or has been part of real organisational change and transformation, you know it’s pretty damn tough! The confrontations, the push-backs, the arguments... the list goes on. But along the way there have also been successes, epiphanies, and – if my experience is anything to go by – once in a while, true change. And suddenly, after years of blogging for the wrong reasons, I find myself in need of a real creative outlet! 

Thus, ctohanian.com is born. 

So... why start a blog again? And more importantly, what's changed in the last ten years? It’s simple. After a decade in the software development industry, I’ve seen enough to develop my own responses to change, overcome personal and professional challenges and formulate my own set of beliefs. I’ve seen enough to know that there are patterns, behaviours and untapped capabilities across the sector. As individuals, organisations and collectively as an industry, we must work to build and sustain true adaptability in today's fast-paced, technological and – as a very inspiring ex-boss once put it to me – programmable world. 

And so, this blog will be my creative outlet, where you will find my true thoughts and (hopefully!) not too crazy ideas about agile software development. Here, among these webpages, is where I’ll advocate for embracing change while upholding some of the basic principles and values we need but tend to forget along the way.  

Here is my commitment to you. I commit to keep this blog alive and kicking with my best and most honest content: content that will address the challenges and successes our industry currently faces, and offer up innovation where and when it is most vitally needed. I do this in the hope that I can encourage change, inspire others and, if nothing else, grow personally as an agile professional, coach and thought leader.

Watch this space! 

The Comfort Zone: Fear is more likely to kill my dreams than failure ever will.

The Comfort Zone: Fear is more likely to kill my dreams than failure ever will.